Collection: Escentric Molecules

Escentric molecules is a world in itself transcending the predictable blend of perfumery, where each note unveils its raw, unadulterated essence. The fragrance revolves around a single, meticulously chosen aroma molecule and takes your exploration a step further. Allowing you to see its tempting nature in all its purest form. 

Escentric Molecules challenges the norms of niche perfumes with its innovative, minimalist approach. It's an invitation to experience complexity and beauty from an unfamiliar perspective and go on an olfactory adventure that will change the way we think about fragrances.


The quest to know more about the core elements of fragrance and a chance to explore the potential of individual aroma molecules led Geza Schoen to an old factory where he discovered Iso E Super (a synthetic aroma molecule not found in nature) in 1973. 

Seeing its potential, with a rebellious spirit and a deep understanding of fragrance, Schoen launched Escentric Molecules with a groundbreaking concept: two distinct lines of fragrances. The Molecule line highlights the power of a single aroma molecule, while the Escentric line weaves captivating olfactory stories around this core molecule, offering a unique and diverse range of fragrances.

Types & Varieties 

Escentric Molecules is a luxury fragrance brand that presents a beautiful range of fragrances for men and women. The creator's artistry shines in both lines. In the molecule line, he highlights the core molecules Molecule 01, Molecule 01 + Iris, Molecule 01 Stories Edition, etc. In the Escentric line, he weaves captivating olfactory stories around the core molecule, such as Escentric 01, Escentric 02, Escentric 03, Escentric 04, etc.