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Molecule 01 + Black Tea

Molecule 01 + Black Tea

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Molecule 01 + Black Tea is a perfume by Escentric Molecules for women and men. The scent is woody-fresh.
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Molecule 01 + Black Tea elevates the iconic simplicity of Molecule 01 by infusing it with the nuanced complexity of black tea, creating a fragrance that is both familiar and intriguingly new. Geza Schoen, the mastermind behind this creation, explores the aromatic depths of black tea by blending it with the abstract and velvety warmth of Iso E Super, resulting in a fragrance that envelops the wearer in an aromatic cloud that is both comforting and captivating.


Iso E Super, the backbone of this fragrance, is known for its smooth cedarwood-like aroma with a warm, enveloping quality. It acts almost like a second skin, enhancing the natural scent of the wearer with its subtle, musky undertones. This synthetic molecule is celebrated for its ability to remain close to the skin while providing a persistent, velvety presence that makes the fragrance deeply personal.


In Molecule 01 + Black Tea, the addition of black tea adds a rich, earthy dimension. Black tea, derived from the dried leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant, offers a subtle yet complex aroma characterized by a delicate balance of bitterness and a slightly floral, astringent quality. Schoen doesn't stop at just one type of tea; he introduces maté tea absolue to the blend, enriching the fragrance with its slightly herbal and markedly earthy tones. This combination amplifies the depth and richness of the tea notes, showcasing the variety and versatility of tea aromas.


Geza Schoen's approach to this fragrance was to capture the essence of black tea from around the world, creating his unique accord that highlights the multifaceted nature of tea. The infusion of black tea with maté tea absolue allows the fragrance to explore the interplay between airiness and earthiness, and between bitter-fresh and floral notes, all held together by the unifying warmth of Iso E Super.