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Molecule 01 + Iris

Molecule 01 + Iris

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Molecule 01 + Iris is a perfume by Escentric Molecules for women and men. The scent is floral-synthetic.
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Molecule 01 + Iris is a unique fragrance that artfully combines the abstract, synthetic allure of Iso E Super with the luxurious natural essence of iris. This composition highlights the contrast between the modern, nearly elusive quality of Iso E Super and the classic, opulent character of iris, creating a scent that is both innovative and deeply rooted in traditional perfumery.


Iso E Super is known for its warm, cedarwood-like aroma that offers a velvety, enveloping sensation. This synthetic molecule is celebrated for its ability to blend seamlessly with the wearer’s natural scent, creating a personalized fragrance experience that is subtle yet captivating. Iso E Super has a unique quality of vanishing and then reappearing, which makes the fragrance an intriguing, ever-evolving presence on the skin.


Iris, on the other hand, is extracted from the root of the iris plant, primarily the varieties known as Iris pallida. The extraction process to obtain iris butter or orris root is labor-intensive and costly, as the roots must be aged for several years before they develop their characteristic sweet, floral, and slightly woody fragrance. Iris adds a creamy, powdery dimension to fragrances, which, as Geza Schoen notes, brings a physical, almost tactile quality to a scent. It enhances the depth and complexity, contributing a luxurious, refined touch.


In Molecule 01 + Iris, the iris used is Iris pallida absolue, one of the most expensive and esteemed materials in perfumery. The choice to use such a high-quality ingredient reflects the fragrance’s commitment to luxury and quality.