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T. Shelby

T. Shelby

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T.Shelby is a perfume by Calaj for women and men and was released in 2022. The scent is aquatic-citrusy.
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Dive into the refreshing embrace of “T.SHELBY”, a unisex fragrance that captures the essence of aquatic and citrusy notes in a tantalizing dance. Designed for the modern man and woman, this scent offers an immersive olfactory experience, painting a vivid picture of serene seascapes kissed by the sun’s warmth.


Unleash the adventure with the invigorating top notes. The tangy zest of Grapefruit Essential Oil pairs with the vibrant squeeze of Lemon, the tropical allure of Pineapple, and the sun-drenched radiance of Bergamot. This citrusy quartet creates a sparkling overture, setting the tone for the exhilarating journey that lies ahead.


Next, let the heart notes unfold, revealing a delicate blend of Orange Blossom absolute that dances with the honeyed warmth of Cassie Absolute. The green, spicy freshness of Myrtle Essential Oil adds a captivating twist, perfectly complemented by the refreshing coolness of Ozonic notes. This bouquet forms an exquisite heart, echoing the harmony of a lush, blossoming grove nestled by a tranquil lagoon.


Finally, the base notes rise to the surface. Here, the rarity of Ambergris, the mossy depth of Oakmoss Absolute, the sturdy warmth of Cedarwood, and the ethereal mystery of Frankincense Absolute come together. The juicy sweetness of Melon adds a fruity contrast, while the primal essence of Earthy Notes and the maritime whisper of Seaweed Absolute bring the scent full circle, resonating with the original aquatic theme. These elements interweave to form a lasting impression, leaving a trail as captivating as the tide meeting the shore at dusk.


Embrace the voyage, surrender to the olfactory seascape, and let T.SHELBY guide you through an exhilarating journey of citrusy breezes and aquatic whispers. Be it for a woman or a man, the dynamic aura of T.SHELBY awaits.