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Silky Woods Elixir

Silky Woods Elixir

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Silky Woods Elixir a perfume by Goldfield & Banks for women and men. The scent is woody-sweet.
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Silky Woods Elixir elevates the original Silky Woods fragrance to new heights of opulence and intensity. This dark and luxurious elixir takes the mysterious allure of Australian agarwood and enhances it with a rich palette of gourmand and woody notes, creating a perfume that is both a tribute to one of the most revered essences in perfumery and a bold statement of luxury.


The fragrance opens with a vibrant burst of green aromatics, capturing the lush, verdant atmosphere of the agarwood groves. This green opening sets a fresh and vivid stage for the more intense elements to unfold. Sun-ripened figs add a juicy, almost luscious sweetness, while fig leaves contribute their distinctive green, slightly bitter quality. This combination of fig and fig leaves brings a multifaceted richness to the composition, enhancing the natural depth of the agarwood.


At the heart of Silky Woods Elixir lies the hypnotic essence of Australian-grown agarwood, sourced from the ancient rainforests and known for its unique aromatic profile. This agarwood, combined with the precious Oud Assafi—a variety highly prized for its exquisite quality—creates a luxurious woodiness that is profoundly deep and resonant. The dual presence of these ouds intensifies the fragrance, painting it in rich shades of auburn and gold, and offering an olfactory experience that is as complex as it is captivating.


The inclusion of iris root in the heart adds a powdery, soft touch that balances the potential bitterness of the fig leaves, while rose introduces a floral elegance, enhancing the perfume's sophistication. As Silky Woods Elixir evolves on the skin, it deepens into a warm, gourmand base where Tolu balsam weaves its rich tapestry. This resinous note infuses warmth and complexity, mingling with layers of saffron, musk, and oakmoss to create a base that is irresistibly inviting and deeply sensual.