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Ingenious Ginger

Ingenious Ginger

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Ingenious Ginger a perfume by Goldfield & Banks for women and men. The scent is citrusy-fresh.
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Ingenious Ginger is a captivating fragrance that skillfully blends the zest of citrus, the spice of ginger, and the elegance of floral notes into a warm, amber-infused embrace. This perfume captures the essence of a blissful, sun-drenched tropical getaway, making it an inviting choice for anyone seeking a scent that transports them to a sultry and serene destination.


The perfume is inspired by the torch ginger lily, a tropical flower known for its striking appearance rather than its scent. The fragrance aims to encapsulate the vibrant, lively spirit of this flower through a carefully crafted olfactory experience. The founder's personal connection to this tropical blossom, flourishing in the lush surroundings of his holiday home, infuses the fragrance with a deeply personal and evocative narrative.


The olfactory journey of Ingenious Ginger begins with a luminous opening of bergamot, whose citrusy brightness is both refreshing and invigorating. This sparkling introduction sets the stage for the dynamic heart of the fragrance, where ginger plays a central role. Ginger adds a vibrant, spicy kick that energizes the scent profile, enhancing the citrus burst with its effervescent and spicy warmth.


Accompanying the ginger is the sweet, zesty aroma of mandarin, which injects an additional layer of citrus freshness, amplifying the tropical feel. The inclusion of magnolia adds a floral touch, contributing a bright, sunny aura with its subtle lemony nuances and lush floral character. This blend of citrus, spice, and floral notes creates a multi-dimensional fragrance that is both uplifting and sophisticated.


As the fragrance settles on the skin, it transitions into a warm, amber-based dry down. The amber provides a rich, enveloping warmth that contrasts beautifully with the brighter top and heart notes, adding depth and a touch of seduction to the perfume. This warm base ensures the fragrance lingers on the skin, offering a lasting impression of warmth and tropical luxury.