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Fondentarancio is a new perfume by Bois 1920 for women and men and was released in 2022. The scent is floral-fruity
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The fragrance opens with the bright, sparkling zest of mandarin, a cheerful and uplifting citrus that awakens the senses. The candied orange enters the mix, adding a touch of sugary sweetness, reminiscent of festive seasons and joyous celebrations.

At its heart lies the irresistible allure of a chocolate accord. This isn't just any chocolate; it’s a rich, deeply satisfying note that feels both comforting and luxurious. It warms the initial citrus burst and adds complexity and depth to the fragrance.

As the scent evolves on the skin, it unveils its base notes. Here, the creamy, almost caramel-like sweetness of vanilla berries emerges, blending seamlessly with the nutty, marzipan-like quality of sweet almonds. These notes serve to soften and balance the zestiness of the top notes and the richness of the chocolate, creating a well-rounded and harmonious finish.

"Fondentarancio" would likely be a delightful experience for the wearer, offering a sense of joy and satisfaction often associated with the act of savoring a favorite dessert. The interplay between the freshness of citrus and the enveloping warmth of chocolate and vanilla makes for a versatile fragrance that could bring a touch of whimsy to a casual day out or add an element of playful sophistication to an evening ensemble.