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Angel Dust

Angel Dust

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Angel Dust a perfume by Fugazzi for women and men. The scent is spicy-woody.
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Angel Dust is a refined and subtly powerful fragrance crafted for the introvert who commands attention not through volume but through presence. This fragrance revolves around the "polite molecule," Cashmeran, known for its warm, woodsy, and musky character that quietly asserts itself, making it perfect for those who value intimacy and privacy.


The composition opens with Calabrian bergamot, which imparts a light, citrusy freshness that is both uplifting and invigorating. This top note introduces a clean and subtle sharpness, setting a serene and inviting tone right from the start. The addition of pepper brings a slight spiciness to the fragrance, adding depth and a touch of excitement without overpowering the overall subtlety of the scent.


At the heart of Angel Dust lies Cashmeran, the centerpiece of this fragrance. Its presence is felt rather than overtly noticed, with a complex profile that blends musky, woody, and slightly spicy notes to create a sense of warmth and comfort. This molecule is perfect for those who prefer their fragrances to whisper rather than shout, offering a cozy yet sophisticated aura that draws people in.


The use of cashmere in the blend enhances the luxurious feel of the fragrance, providing a soft, smooth texture that complements the Cashmeran beautifully. This element adds a tactile dimension to the scent, much like the feel of high-quality cashmere against the skin, suggesting understated elegance and refined taste.


White amber crystals conclude the fragrance with a base that exudes a clean, warm glow. This note provides a resinous sweetness that is subtle yet persistent, anchoring the fragrance with a tranquil yet persistent warmth that lingers on the skin.